Sunday, March 30, 2008


So my sister came down to visit, the first time in five years and guess what...we went out of town! Yeah, I was a little perturbed. We did get home in time to spend one evening with them before they left. I was pretty irritated when they were leaving and realized I hadn't taken ONE picture of the boys and Noah, so as they were heading out the door at 6:30 in the morning I had to snap a fast one, the one problem? Yeah, Noah's not in the picture. He was a little cranky that morning and wouldn't pose. Oh well, I tried.


We left the nice, sunny weather of Nevada and headed up to the snow covered ground of Idaho for Easter. With all the snow we sure were able to find the eggs a lot easier!
He loves tractors, I guess it's just in his blood!

Noah saw cupcakes sitting on the counter and walked right past mom and dad, headed straight to Grandma and told her he wanted one. When Granma's around Mom and Dad don't even exist.


Well, we finally did it, we got sand for the sand box and I am not sure how to describe my feelings. I was told it would be great to keep him occupied outside...all I know is I am finding white footprints and hand prints all around my house. Keeping him occupied outside is making more work for me inside...hmm.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My friend Karen came by the other day and took some pictures of the kids. I have to say that I was totally and completely THRILLED with the results. This may sound cheesy, but some even made me get a little misty eyed. She took the pictures in my room against our curtain....the one Bryan hated because it lets in too much light so he can't sleep in late. I knew I made those curtains for a good reason!!! Below are a few of my favorites!

My Joy

Thursday, March 6, 2008


OK, I've been tagged a couple times (sorry Katie!!) and am finally getting around to it. I have enjoyed reading the info about my goes.....

What is his name? Bryan Moore

How long have you been married? Going on 6 years

How long did you date? 6 months

How old is he? 29 years (He will be joining us 30 somethings this year!!!)

Who eats more sweets? I do for sure

Who said I love you first? He response? "Oh you do huh?" (Isn't that pathetic?)

Who is taller? He is

Who can sing better? Not sure...I can sing loud opera all day in the house, which annoys him to no end.

Who is smarter? I think we both challenge and teach each other.

Who does the laundry? Mostly me, but he is very good about throwing a load in when needed.

Who pays the bills? I do. According to Bryan "We have bills?"

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Looking at the bed, I do. There was an issue about sides of the bed when we first got married. Both of us wanted the same side. I won't say who won.

Who mows the lawn? We both do. When I was 8 months pregnant I always tried to do it, I wanted to keep in shape.

Who cooks dinner? We both do, of which I am totally grateful!

Who drives? Bryan ( I will if he is falling asleep)

Who is more stubborn? I would say me (and I'm pretty stubborn), but I think Bryan comes in a close second.

Who kissed who first? He did

Who asked who out first? He did

Who proposed? He did

Who has more siblings? He does..3, I have 1

Who wears the pants? We both do.

I tag anyone who hasn't done this yet...JOJO, you're up!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another haircut?

It was just getting to long on the top and I couldn't spike it....what do ya think?


A fun and exciting weekend at the track. Poor Jimmie Johnson didn't do so well. He's our guy and he normally dominates Vegas, but this year his car was having some problems. To quote what he told his crew chief Chad Knaus "I'm going to crash this **@@* car!" Not such a good day for him, but at least he didn't have a horrible wreck like teammate Jeff Gordon with 6 laps to go.

Before I got married I swore that I would never marry someone who liked cars driving around in a circle for hundreds of miles and someone who liked dirtbikes. Never make those kinds of promises to yourself. Bryan likes both!!! I've actually joined the millions of fans who love NASCAR. Never thought I would, and I've come to realize it's a lot more than just a bunch of cars driving in circles.....who can't enjoy a good wreck (when all drivers are ok of course), the pit strategies, the cautions, the drafting, the speed, the sound and the thrill of split second finishes.I have more than one favorite. Bryan thinks I pick the drivers based on their looks, come on, I know a little more about this sport then to just go around checking out the drivers. Wait, what color car does Jimmie Johnson drive? Actually for the most part all NASCAR drivers are pretty cool. I definitely can think of a few exceptions. Some of my favorite?....Jimmie (for sure), Mark Martin, Casey Mears, and the Vegas winner Carl Edwards. This picture was taken before the race...I guess I just knew Jimmie couldn't keep up his streak, sorry honey!
We braved the wind and the cold...yes it does get cold in Vegas! Once we got inside the stadium it was a lot better. Not so windy and the sun kept us warm. We had a great time and thank you to Clint and Megan and Nathan and Lauren for watching our kids.