Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Dear Friend....

We faced a long, hard decision last month and passed Cooper on to another family.
He was a great dog...mellow and loving, but he needed more attention.
He started out as the top dog in the family, but then we had Noah, then we had Audrey, and now we are having another and it's just been further down the ladder for poor Coops.

We ended up finding a great situation for him. He went to a husband and wife with no children, Cooper is now their baby. They had a beagle for 16 years before he passed and she was wanting another. Cooper gets to go to work with her and hangs out in the theater department of a local high school. The kids love him and he pretty much has free reign of the campus. He was the type of dog that didn't like to be alone which made this perfect for him.
We all hated to see him go, but knew this was so much better for him.
We still keep in contact with the lady that took him. She is great and mothers him to death.
Noah and Audrey still include him in their prayers...mostly saying that he'll be happy with his new family.

Coops as a puppy...

We recently had the chance to meet up with his new mommy at a park.
Has he adjusted well????
I mean come on....five years and all he wanted to do was sniff the grass. It actually helped us feel better about the situation. We know he is happy and getting TONS of attention.
One last photo with our first family dog.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pregnancy Issues.....

Here are the things I am dealing with....

No, I am not DRINKING Pine-Sol, but I am craving the smell. I did the same thing with Audrey. If I had literally wiped everything down in my house with it, I would bathe the walls in it. Now, I'm not that far gone....YET, but I wouldn't mind dipping some cotton balls in Pine-Sol and taping them to the bottom of my nostrils!!!

I haven't seen The Price Is Right in years, but it reminds me of something else.....EMOTIONAL! I don't cry to easily until the end of my pregnancy and with Noah the first time was over The Price Is Right. I was sitting in Jiffy Lube waiting for my oil change just casually watching an innocent Price is Right show when all of a sudden the darn contestant won a big amount of money. I was so happy for her I started crying!!!

REALLY???? I cried over that????

Recently I've been a little more emotional than normal and I just call them my Price is Right Moments.

Poor Bryan

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sewing for Easter

I decided this year to make Audrey's Easter dress. I've always wanted to make one for her, but never seemed to have the time. This year wasn't much different, I just put it higher on my list. I guess I'm getting that "get things done" feeling with the baby soon on it's way.
I took some of the fabric from Audrey's bottom ruffle and made Noah a tie to match. They are both pretty proud of them, which makes me really happy.
This little girl just loves dresses and skirts. If she had her choice, she'd be wearing one everyday!