Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Part 2

After packing up the truck with gifts and luggage for 9 people we began the long drive up to Idaho. Audrey was saved from the 10 hour drive by flying up with Aunt Jenny. Since she is under 2 and can fly free we decided to spare her the endless hours of boredom and constant dog kisses.

The entire time (no exaggeration) up north we dealt with snow. Enjoyable for the kids, just plain cold to me. Bryan is like a little kid in this weather. He would be snowboarding everyday we were up there if he could!!!!

When Noah looked out the window and saw Grandpa pull up on his tractor he would have gone out there naked!!! We literally had to pull him back to get a few layers on him!

All bundled up and no way to move! If she fell over someone had to come rescue her!!!! It was pretty cute.
Audrey found a new love....flying down a hill at record breaking speed!!!

At first I was pretty nervous, but when she finally slowed down all I saw was pure joy on her face.

Santa delivered a kitchen set for Audrey in Vegas, I guess he realized that mom and dad didn't have enough room to bring it back in the overloaded truck.

One of the many hits this year....a tent! It has already become a center for fighting.
Who doesn't love playing in wrapping paper????

This little mama sure loves dogs, real or fake! I really like this one - it doesn't smell, poop, or need to be fed!

Our happy family!! Oh, wait....where's Noah???? That's right, he was screaming and crying on the floor right by our feet. No one is going to make a two year old take a picture if he doesn't want to!!!!

After he was fed and ran around a little bit he turned into a nice boy just in time to play a game....coincidence????

All in all Christmas was great. It's amazing the way Christmas changes when you have children and are able to watch the excitement and joy in their eyes. One of the greatest blessings in my life this year is to have a healthy, happy family and days upon days filled with laughter and joy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Part 1

Yeah, if you hadn't snowed in Vegas.
We actually got it twice in one week!!! Monday and Wednesday, and the snow from Monday was still around when it snowed on Wednesday!!! That's got to be one for the records.
If you are noticing how horribly dressed my children were for the snow....well, who would spend money on a snow suit when your children have never seen snow at their house!
I must say they managed. Poor Audrey was soaking wet, but loving every minute of it.
When Bryan got home from work I would have thought that they cancelled school. He was giddy and couldn't get into his snow stuff fast enough. We got the kids all bundled up headed out to make a snow man. Noah was a little concerned that we left a carrot out in the snow and Audrey still didn't want to come in.

Friday, January 2, 2009


How can a child create a HUGE mess out of a little dallop of ketchup???