Monday, November 2, 2009


The first of the Halloween celebrations began with our ward Trunk or Treat.
The cake walk was our first activity....Audrey won a cupcake the third time around while it took Noah about 12 times....and there were only 5-6 people playing at that time!!!! I kept asking him if he wanted to try a different game, but that persistent little bugger kept hanging on. I think the girl who was pulling the numbers felt sorry for him and helped his win along.
They wouldn't set those cupcakes down even for a quick picture!!
Minnie Mouse and Spiderman already getting their costumes dirty

We carved pumpkins a couple nights before the big day.
On the real night we went trick or treating with some cousins, got way too much candy, and completely wore ourselves out. By the end of the night I was carrying Noah to the last few houses. He was so tired he didn't want to go up to the last house. A couple times he even sat down in the middle of someone's driveway because he "needed a break."
Happy Halloween Everyone....from a very scary family!!!

Something's missing....

Can ya find it????
If you guessed training wheels you are right!!! Yeah, I was totally shocked when Bryan told me to come outside and see something. Then Noah goes riding by just like he's been doing it for months. Bryan said he just took the training wheels off and held him up and off Noah went!!! No running behind holding the bike...just racing down the street.
I'm still amazed...