Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MM #5

Yesterday Noah and I were putting a Dora puzzle together when two pieces broke apart Noah says "Mommy, I broke Dora's bum bum!"


At the Cannery????
Yes, being the lovely wife that I am I decided to pick our date this week (don't get me wrong, we do not go on dates every week) and I thought what great fun it would be to go can food!!! I think Bryan thought I was crazy! I probably am. Our ward was signed up to go to the cannery and husbands were invited to attend...light bulb goes on in my head....we can do that! It would be something different and no matter what we're doing we can come up with some way to laugh. We laughed at the hairnets, we laughed at the workers in the cannery being very serious with us when we spilled a little, we laughed when the big machine spun around to seal a can of wheat and I didn't have the lid on right so it sprayed wheat all over, we laughed when we did bags and bags and bags of flour.....

And then we cleaned up!!! I'm grateful for such a great husband who puts up with me and is such a good sport, and doesn't mind when I take my camera everywhere! It was a lot of fun and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a fun, different we added to our food storage!


Last week Bryan was able to go with the Scouts to do an amazing hike, The Narrows. I must say I was a little upset when I found out he was going, I've been wanting to do this hike for years and the closest I've come is starting from the bottom and hiking my way up for a few miles. He said it was one of the most beautiful hikes he's ever been on. I'm sure being there in person is a lot more breathtaking!
Here they are getting ready to hike in....16 miles of beautiful torture! They camped overnight in the canyon and finished up the next day. Bryan described the hike as walking on bowling balls. Your crossing water, zig zagging back and forth, constantly slipping on rocks. Your ankles are continually rolling from the unsteady footing. The day after he got home he was pretty sore and his ankles really felt it. But I am so proud of him for completing the hike....Good Job!!!

Isn't it just beautiful?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Just Love Her....

Audrey started this new thing, she will lift her shoulder, tilt her head and's the cutest thing and I've been trying to get pictures of it. She makes me smile everytime she does it....

Fun at the Discovery Museum

The other day the kids and I went to the Discovery Museum. I think Noah was totally overwhelmed because all I did was chase him from one thing to the next. He had a blast and didn't sit still long enough for me to take too many pictures...
Noah left Audrey all alone to eat her picnic lunch. She liked the hot dog! (YUCK!!!)
Learning about refugees.
Noah would play in a sink of water ALL DAY if he could!
The piano was connected to lights, so as you played they would light up. He loved this!
He was a little nervous looking at something that should have a face.
Practicing shapes.
Dancing on stage in his costume.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baby Shower

Call me horrible!!!! I threw my friend Megan a baby shower the other day and I was so busy answering the door, getting games started, etc. that I didn't take ONE picture!!! When everyone had left I looked over to see my camera sitting on the counter! I felt horrible.

Before the shower started I did manage to get a couple pictures of the desserts!

MM #4

The other day I dropped Noah off while I went and did some shopping, when came back to pick him up I asked if he was a nice boy. She said he did fine but for a few minutes he started softly crying. When we got into the car I asked him why he cried and he said "I miss mommy." My heart instantly melted.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

MM #3

Your child comes up to you to tell you that he needs a diaper change, but instead of telling you he just shows you his cute little hand all covered in POO!!! When you finish changing him you laugh and are grateful that this time it didn't get all over the wall and floor etc.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


When Bryan got home from the hospital we had to keep cautioning Noah to be very careful around Daddy's tummy because he had owies. Being the little curious 2 year old, Noah kept checking Daddy's owies all day long. The other day he needed a bandaid just like Daddy!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Do you ever have those Mommy Moments? I seem to have those frequently and tell myself, "I need to write that down." Well, I think I better start....

We were driving in the car listening to Old McDonald Had A Farm when I noticed Noah had fallen asleep....well it didn't dawn on me until a few minutes later that I was still bopping my head and singing, eieio.

You wonder why your son's breathe smells just like your dog's? Then you realize...those little particles in his teeth are from the dog's food dish....YUCK!!