Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Lots of posts ahead..............................

Happy Birthday Noah!!!

Happy Birthday little man!!!
Time really does go WAY TOO FAST!!!!
We love you so much and are so happy Heavenly Father sent you to our home.

First and foremost, that pink color was supposed to be RED!!! We did a Spiderman theme and instead of making a cake I did something a lot easier...a big giant cookie!

Noah is very into tools and fixing things...he loves helping Bryan in the garage. Needless to say, he has also pulled things apart...apparently he gets this from daddy.

1. Use the trimmer on the yard
2. Go to scout camp
3. Fly

Camping on Noah's Birthday....BIG MISTAKE!!!

With the best of intentions, we took the kids camping for Noah's birthday. As you can guess, this isn't starting out well....We got in later than planned, didn't get the campsite we wanted and had to stay in an area dirtier than pigpen's bedroom, Audrey threw up the night we got there, etc....
Needless to say, we ended up leaving a night early-only staying the first night.
Noah's birthday breakfast!!! The big 3!!!

Audrey's turn in the pack, she loved it-same as Noah...why not, make Dad do all the work!!!

Why is it that kids will play in the water (and dirt) no matter how cold it is???

Poor Noah, I wanted this to be a fun birthday but we ended up miserable enough to leave early. We decided to go to dinner in St. George on our way home, hoping to make it up to him. I know he's only three and will never know the difference, I guess it was more for me. But they did sing a cool birthday song and brought out this saddle which put a huge smile on his face....it was all worth it!!!

Clark County Fair

We took the kids to the fair (a few months ago) and they had a blast!!! I think the biggest hit was the animals. Audrey loved to look but not touch. Just a brush of the pig and she was done.

Noah was a little braver.

Maybe I lied...the Merry Go Round a big hit too!!!

Bike Riding

One day a bunch of us took our kids to the church to ride bikes. They had a blast...I don't think they knew what to do with all the room.
Look out...crazy driver coming through!!

Messy Faces

A while ago I gave Audrey a chocolate pudding cup. I noticed she looked a lot like Noah at about the same age.....

See the resemblance????


A few months ago, we decided to attempt a garden....AGAIN.

And it's growing!!!
We planted corn, green beans, onions, carrots, bell peppers, and tomatoes. Since this photo we have enjoyed the tomatoes and on Father's Day we had a freshly picked bell pepper in our eggs!! Noah is now a HUGE fan of bell peppers. He asks for them in everything I cook....not gonna happen kiddo!!!!

Noah's Favorite Outfit

I don't understand why....but I will get Noah dressed and he ALWAYS ends up in this by the end of the day.