Monday, November 2, 2009


The first of the Halloween celebrations began with our ward Trunk or Treat.
The cake walk was our first activity....Audrey won a cupcake the third time around while it took Noah about 12 times....and there were only 5-6 people playing at that time!!!! I kept asking him if he wanted to try a different game, but that persistent little bugger kept hanging on. I think the girl who was pulling the numbers felt sorry for him and helped his win along.
They wouldn't set those cupcakes down even for a quick picture!!
Minnie Mouse and Spiderman already getting their costumes dirty

We carved pumpkins a couple nights before the big day.
On the real night we went trick or treating with some cousins, got way too much candy, and completely wore ourselves out. By the end of the night I was carrying Noah to the last few houses. He was so tired he didn't want to go up to the last house. A couple times he even sat down in the middle of someone's driveway because he "needed a break."
Happy Halloween Everyone....from a very scary family!!!

Something's missing....

Can ya find it????
If you guessed training wheels you are right!!! Yeah, I was totally shocked when Bryan told me to come outside and see something. Then Noah goes riding by just like he's been doing it for months. Bryan said he just took the training wheels off and held him up and off Noah went!!! No running behind holding the bike...just racing down the street.
I'm still amazed...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Making Pizza!!!

Lately Noah has been fascinated with, making boxes, triangle pizza shapes, eating it and just talking about it.
I decided to do a craft about pizza.
I cut two round shapes from a cereal box.
We colored the pizza red for the sauce and then I gave them a variety of different toppings: paper scraps, marshmallows, macaroni, and cereal.
What a blast!!!

They even put their pizzas in the oven to cook.
And when they came out we had to wait for them to cool off before we could eat them!!!
I must say, the kids did a great job and really carried this project much further than I had expected. I love to be creative with the kids, it's exciting to see where their imagination will take us.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Audrey!!!

Happy Birthday little Ladybug
Her first Halloween....
I could never have imagined the joy I found in daughter.
I think Heavenly Father each day for blessing our family with your beautiful spirit.
My two precious gifts.

Still our Little Ladybug.
I asked Audrey what she wanted for her birthday, Ladybugs or Strawberry Shortcake. I even showed her a picture of each on the computer, I asked her the same question reversing the know, sometimes they just say what you said first, no matter what it is. And each time she wanted ladybugs.
She wanted that doll out of the box immediately.
Two things that make Audrey special...
1. She has a tender heart and is always willing to share
2. She has the silliest sense of humor

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkins all around....

We took the kids to a pumpkin patch this last weekend.
There was a maze made out of hay bales, which wasn't too difficult since a toddler could see over the top, but the kids loved it.
Audrey's lost......
Noah just wants to climb out and go wreak havoc on something else.
In addition to lots of pumpkins, we saw turkeys, goats, chickens, quail, and bunnies.

My Heart Melted....

When I came around the corner and Noah came running up to me and said "Look mom, I made BYU!!!"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Audrey's first trip to the Dentist

This little girl is such a trooper!!! She did so good for the dentist. She even got an A on her report card!!!!! I thought she might do ok since she loves having her teeth brushed at home. Whenever she sees me brushing my teeth she wants her teeth brushed right away.

Noah's first day of Preschool

Noah is growing up!!!
This was his first day of school. I can't believe he's old enough to do "school" things.

I'm a THIEF!!!!

I was blog hopping, again, and found this super cute idea that I just had to steal!!!
Every Monday is called Muffin Tin Monday and we eat our lunches out of a fun tin. This is the first muffin tin that I did, it's their basic lunch just put into a different container.
This website is amazing and she has some great ideas for the holidays....
If you want to join me here is a link to her page

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Escape from the HEAT!!!

For the Fourth of July we quickly raced out of Vegas to some cooler weather up north!!
Some pretty awesome fireworks in Idaho Falls!!! This is our standard family picture, sitting in camping chairs holding children...we have the same one from last year, only the kids are younger.
Noah and Audrey's at their newest little cousin's blessing.

Audrey loves brushing her teeth!!!

First time fishing.
I think he liked torturing the worm the most!!!

Standing on the side of Grandpa's barn. This picture just cracks me up...Noah yelling at Audrey, Audrey totally ignoring him....typical!!!

The kids had tons of room to race their jeeps, and they did....all day!!!!

Before I say anything about this picture, I am NOT complaining about the cold!!! We actually had to wear pants and jackets during the evening and I LOVED it!!

So the kids went swimming one day and when we got out we needed cover ups and a blanket to warm up!!! It was GREAT!!!

I kept reminding myself that it's 110 back in Vegas.


This is just the cutest photo ever!
We told Audrey to hold her hands up on the ride and she did, what an obedient little girl!!!

Future pilot????

During meltdown time this was the only thing that calmed her nerves...and mine!!

We also had a chance to drive over to see my Aunt and Uncle, cousins, and family. The drive was long, the day was short, but we had a blast.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Lots of posts ahead..............................

Happy Birthday Noah!!!

Happy Birthday little man!!!
Time really does go WAY TOO FAST!!!!
We love you so much and are so happy Heavenly Father sent you to our home.

First and foremost, that pink color was supposed to be RED!!! We did a Spiderman theme and instead of making a cake I did something a lot easier...a big giant cookie!

Noah is very into tools and fixing things...he loves helping Bryan in the garage. Needless to say, he has also pulled things apart...apparently he gets this from daddy.

1. Use the trimmer on the yard
2. Go to scout camp
3. Fly

Camping on Noah's Birthday....BIG MISTAKE!!!

With the best of intentions, we took the kids camping for Noah's birthday. As you can guess, this isn't starting out well....We got in later than planned, didn't get the campsite we wanted and had to stay in an area dirtier than pigpen's bedroom, Audrey threw up the night we got there, etc....
Needless to say, we ended up leaving a night early-only staying the first night.
Noah's birthday breakfast!!! The big 3!!!

Audrey's turn in the pack, she loved it-same as Noah...why not, make Dad do all the work!!!

Why is it that kids will play in the water (and dirt) no matter how cold it is???

Poor Noah, I wanted this to be a fun birthday but we ended up miserable enough to leave early. We decided to go to dinner in St. George on our way home, hoping to make it up to him. I know he's only three and will never know the difference, I guess it was more for me. But they did sing a cool birthday song and brought out this saddle which put a huge smile on his was all worth it!!!