Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Making Pizza!!!

Lately Noah has been fascinated with, making boxes, triangle pizza shapes, eating it and just talking about it.
I decided to do a craft about pizza.
I cut two round shapes from a cereal box.
We colored the pizza red for the sauce and then I gave them a variety of different toppings: paper scraps, marshmallows, macaroni, and cereal.
What a blast!!!

They even put their pizzas in the oven to cook.
And when they came out we had to wait for them to cool off before we could eat them!!!
I must say, the kids did a great job and really carried this project much further than I had expected. I love to be creative with the kids, it's exciting to see where their imagination will take us.


Amber said...

What a cute idea! Ask Noah if he'll make one for Auntie JoJo next time. They look delicious.

McEwen Family said...

You are such a cute Mom!!!