Sunday, July 19, 2009

Escape from the HEAT!!!

For the Fourth of July we quickly raced out of Vegas to some cooler weather up north!!
Some pretty awesome fireworks in Idaho Falls!!! This is our standard family picture, sitting in camping chairs holding children...we have the same one from last year, only the kids are younger.
Noah and Audrey's at their newest little cousin's blessing.

Audrey loves brushing her teeth!!!

First time fishing.
I think he liked torturing the worm the most!!!

Standing on the side of Grandpa's barn. This picture just cracks me up...Noah yelling at Audrey, Audrey totally ignoring him....typical!!!

The kids had tons of room to race their jeeps, and they did....all day!!!!

Before I say anything about this picture, I am NOT complaining about the cold!!! We actually had to wear pants and jackets during the evening and I LOVED it!!

So the kids went swimming one day and when we got out we needed cover ups and a blanket to warm up!!! It was GREAT!!!

I kept reminding myself that it's 110 back in Vegas.


This is just the cutest photo ever!
We told Audrey to hold her hands up on the ride and she did, what an obedient little girl!!!

Future pilot????

During meltdown time this was the only thing that calmed her nerves...and mine!!

We also had a chance to drive over to see my Aunt and Uncle, cousins, and family. The drive was long, the day was short, but we had a blast.