Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things from long ago.....

Our little bundle of joy

Finn at 1 week.
He did so good for his first photo shoot! He didn't even poop on the props!

A very proud big brother.

There is a lovely story behind this little tuff of hair.
One day I decided that Audrey needed a trim, so I took it upon myself to play hair stylist. Audrey just loved getting her hair cut so much that a few days later I found these little piles of hair all around the house. My sweet little girl got the scissors and obviously wanted just a little more off the top.....and off she cut!
There was really nothing I could do but leave it alone and let it grow out.

I've never seen hair grow so slow......waiting and waiting.

Her first attempt at makeup, thank goodness she has A LOT of years to practice.
Kissed by a princess!

Hanging out by Grandpa's barn

While we were in Idaho this summer we had to hit the fair. One of my favorite things about the fair was face painting, so I found a booth and marched Audrey right over to it. I told her she could get anything painted on her face....a butterfly, a ladybug, a rainbow, a flower, and what does she want? A dragon!! A dragon??? Really, all those cute little girlie things and she wants a dragon. At least she feminized it by requesting a pink dragon with sparkles!!!!Noah was too busy playing on the tractors, good thing too, maybe he would have wanted a ladybug!

Riding with Grandpa in the combine

Finn's blessing
I had Noah's blessing outfit made from my wedding dress and wanted Finn's done the same way. We used the same overalls pattern and it turned out great!
This is not the blessing outfit, but it is Finn's Great Great Grandfather's blessing outfit. This dress, yes dress, is over 100 years old. We put all the grandkids in it and take pictures. I love this kind of stuff. To be able to share something with generations past is very special.

Audrey all dressed up for the special occasion

Noah and Grandpa

We were also able to visit my cousin this summer. The kids had a great time on the farm. They got to ride Smurf, watch the cows get shots, ride in the combine, and wear cowboy boots!!! Noah wouldn't leave these darn boots alone. I guess he felt like a real cowboy when he wore them. One morning I woke up to find him outside already sportin the boots. I think my cousin made his day when she said he could keep them!

Riding Smurf
Noah started soccer and loved it!
Go team TNT!

Happy Birthday Audrey! We love you so much.
Her purple flower cake

We told Audrey to make a wish in her head and keep it a secret. This is her wishing inside her head!

I have been so blessed this year. We have three amazing, beautiful children that make us smile and laugh everyday. Our Fireman will protect us and keep us safe, our bumblebee will chase away anyone and our little lobster is tasty enough to eat!