Friday, October 26, 2007

Noah's Crush

The other day I had music videos on the t.v. and Noah was just playing away with his toys. I then noticed he completely stopped playing and was staring at the screen. Taylor Swift was on and he couldn't keep his eyes off her. He watched the entire video and when it was over he went back to playing with his toys! My little boy has his first crush!!!


Today Noah and Daddy were playing with the phones pretending to talk to each other when Noah decided to throw a fit....something he wanted and didn't get his way I'm sure. Well, Dad said that was enough, took the phone away and put it in his pocket. During that time the phone was turned on and called the operator. All the operator heard in the background was a kid screaming, so she dispatched a police officer! When Dad finally pulled the phone out of his pocket and noticed it was on he heard someone talking on the phone to which he said "hello." Anyway, the operator explained what she did right about the time the police officer knocked on our door. The officer was very understanding, but we have decided there will be no more playing with the real phones!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Isabella's Blessing

This is our first family photo with Audrey. It's only been a week and a half but what an amazing blessing she has been. Audrey is also posing with her cousin on her big day!!!

Noah's Bad Day

On Sunday we attended Isabella's baby blessing. After the blessing we went back to Heather and Shane's for lunch and to visit with all the family. When it was time to eat lunch Noah was so hungry that he was inhaling his food just as quickly as Bryan was putting it on his plate. In the midst of wolfing down his hot dog Noah started to choke. Bryan quickly pounded on his chest and was just about to throw him upside down when the hot dog came out...but that's not all. Later on that day Noah was playing around and put his finger on some live wire from a light socket that didn't have the plate on. Heather and Shane have been working on a few things in their house and had removed the plate. He got a nice little zap that scared the heck out of him (and mom and dad!!!) To top the whole night off....we used up all his diapers by the end of the night and he had to be changed before we went home, well all Aunt Heather had was a girl pull up. Poor guy!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!


We would like to welcome our new addition....Audrey Jo Moore. She was born on October 11th at 7:52 am. She weighed 7lbs 10 oz (only 2 more than her brother) and measured 18.5 inches. Life is pretty fun with a new little one around. Noah loves giving her kisses and calls her "my baby" Sometimes he will be in the middle of playing and have to stop to run over and give her a kiss. So far she has the same temperment as her big brother did....very mellow. We like that!!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Bryan, Noah and I are just waiting for the arrival of our little girl. She is due next week, but we are scheduled to go in on Thursday, so just a few more days! I think Noah will do pretty good with a new baby. He has a new little cousin, Isabella (3 weeks), and just loves giving her kisses.


Noah just loves feeding himself now. No more help from Mommy or Daddy!!!! His favorites are yogurt and chocolate pudding. I wonder how long it will be when he will eat and finish with a clean face?