Monday, October 22, 2007

Noah's Bad Day

On Sunday we attended Isabella's baby blessing. After the blessing we went back to Heather and Shane's for lunch and to visit with all the family. When it was time to eat lunch Noah was so hungry that he was inhaling his food just as quickly as Bryan was putting it on his plate. In the midst of wolfing down his hot dog Noah started to choke. Bryan quickly pounded on his chest and was just about to throw him upside down when the hot dog came out...but that's not all. Later on that day Noah was playing around and put his finger on some live wire from a light socket that didn't have the plate on. Heather and Shane have been working on a few things in their house and had removed the plate. He got a nice little zap that scared the heck out of him (and mom and dad!!!) To top the whole night off....we used up all his diapers by the end of the night and he had to be changed before we went home, well all Aunt Heather had was a girl pull up. Poor guy!


Parley and Katie Call said...

Oh my gosh. Poor guy!!! (and sorry for you guys too) You need a nice, peaceful day, don't you?! :) Hopefully a day like that won't happen again!

sandijo said...

That's one for the books!! The poor little guy and his parents. That is so scarey. You will probably tell him that story many times. He looks great in his picture, must've recovered just great!

Summers Family said...

That is hilarious. Of course, I can say this because I know he is alive and well. Wow! What a day!