Monday, February 9, 2009

Unseen Hands

The other night Bryan was taking the kids for a bike ride when the chain on his bike was giving him problems. He was trying to fiddle with it while he was still riding...causing him to slow down just a little. As he approached an intersection and looked up, a car passed right in front of him. The driver didn't stop at the stop sign or even notice Bryan as he was turning. When he came home and told me what happened we both knew the chain was having issues for a reason. Heavenly Father saw the danger approaching Bryan, Noah, and Audrey. I am so grateful to know my life and the life of my family is protected by unseen hands.

Another Nose Story

I had to add Raisin the the list of things Noah has shoved up his nose!!! What is that kid's deal???? This time I was driving and had to pull over. Good thing he now understands how to blow his nose....that made it A LOT easier!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Watch Out!

I haven't blogged in a while, I was trying to take January a little easy. After the craziness of the holidays I needed to slow down a little bit. Here is my attempt to catch up. I still have more....soon to come!

JEEPING???? Is that what it's called???

Blaine and Kate invited us to go "Jeeping" with them the other night.....I had no idea they had a secret plan to try to kill us!!!!
My initial thoughts "Oh cool, we'll go over some big rocks." The pictures don't show how deadly it was...I'm not kidding, my life almost ended that night (especially when they tried to hide the seat belts!!!)

And this is where it got ugly. Blaine was getting a little too crazy when the jeep started to slip and roll off to the side. This is the damage. Back passenger side....right where I was sitting, with my seat belt ON, mind you!!!

A Family Present

In attempts to be more HEALTHY we decided to get a bike trailer for Christmas so the whole family could partake in the joy!!!
The kids sure look happy - why not???? They're not the ones doing all the work!!!!
Thanks Grandma Nanc and Grandpa!!! We think of you every time we're sweating our butts off!!!

A Christmas Present from Two Years Ago

Not that I wasn't looking forward to this gift, things just took priority....pregnancy, newborn, etc.. So two years ago for Christmas Bryan got me a Richard Petty Ride-Along....totally AWESOME! This request came on the heals of watching Bryan drive a NASCAR. I wasn't completely comfortable driving one, I figured I would probably stall it taking off or something. And besides, when you drive one you only go about 130 mph, when your a passenger you get to go about 160!!!

A future NASCAR driver???? Fine with me!!!!

Getting acquainted with the car that would take me faster than I had ever gone!!!

I truly thought this could be the last time I hugged my son....all those thoughts go through your mind....what if a tire blows out, what if the driver got a little too wild and crazy last night (we did go early Saturday morning), what if I freaked and just dive bombed out of the window????

Would I recommend this???? ABSOLUTELY!