Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Christmas Present from Two Years Ago

Not that I wasn't looking forward to this gift, things just took priority....pregnancy, newborn, etc.. So two years ago for Christmas Bryan got me a Richard Petty Ride-Along....totally AWESOME! This request came on the heals of watching Bryan drive a NASCAR. I wasn't completely comfortable driving one, I figured I would probably stall it taking off or something. And besides, when you drive one you only go about 130 mph, when your a passenger you get to go about 160!!!

A future NASCAR driver???? Fine with me!!!!

Getting acquainted with the car that would take me faster than I had ever gone!!!

I truly thought this could be the last time I hugged my son....all those thoughts go through your mind....what if a tire blows out, what if the driver got a little too wild and crazy last night (we did go early Saturday morning), what if I freaked and just dive bombed out of the window????

Would I recommend this???? ABSOLUTELY!


Brueggemans said...

YIKES - I would have been freaking out too. But it looks like fun!!

Perry Bunch said...

WOW! That looks like a lot of fun! Not to sure if I am as brave as you.