Wednesday, February 4, 2009

JEEPING???? Is that what it's called???

Blaine and Kate invited us to go "Jeeping" with them the other night.....I had no idea they had a secret plan to try to kill us!!!!
My initial thoughts "Oh cool, we'll go over some big rocks." The pictures don't show how deadly it was...I'm not kidding, my life almost ended that night (especially when they tried to hide the seat belts!!!)

And this is where it got ugly. Blaine was getting a little too crazy when the jeep started to slip and roll off to the side. This is the damage. Back passenger side....right where I was sitting, with my seat belt ON, mind you!!!


Brueggemans said...

Holy crud - did you lose any brain matter in that damage? Did you roll? What fun though, especially now that you're all still alive. I assume the kids did NOT go, because I know you're a responsible parent.

Parley and Katie Call said...

Looks like a crazy night! I had a similar experience with my roommate back in college...we were scared for our lives so we made "neck braces" out of our sweatshirts...glad everyone was ok!