Sunday, February 17, 2008

Was it really a Happy Birthday?

Birthday girl...pre-chinsplit!

This was probably the most steady he was on his skates the whole day!

Getting all ready to try skating

Noah's cousin, Gracey, celebrated her 5th birthday this weekend at the rollar skating rink. She was having a pretty good time until she had to go to the ER. Poor girl fell on her skates and split her chin, requiring stitches. So she spent the rest of the night in the emergency room and didn't get home until 11:30. She didn't even get to play with her new toys. Now she definitely has a birthday story to tell!

Noah wasn't sure what to think of his skates. Actually, he didn't even understand how to stand up. Bryan and I took him around the rink a few times and that was enough, he was slipping all over the place.


Brueggemans said...

Oh my gosh, poor girl. Question...are there ANY people out there without the infamous chin scar? Geesh

Parley and Katie Call said...

Poor girl. You did get some cute pics though! I love Noah's faces.

Stafford said...

That is the funniest story! PS~you are looking great!!!!!!!

Summers Family said...

I keep looking on your blog for a new post...and realized I hadnt commented on this one...thought I had. Am I getting older!?! At least this birthday will always be vivid in her mind. The fam looks good in skates!!

Nicole Cave said...

Hey Holli,
I am noticing more and more people are blogging...I have been doing so for about a year now. I came across your blog through the Zaby's. I'll have to post you an my site to check in from time to time. My site is If you send me your e-mail to I'll put you on my permissions list...I have a lock on it. Talk to you soon...actually I'll see you for achievement days today!