Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bryan's Bravery (or Fiestyness)

On Wednesday night Bryan was admitted to the hospital for appendicitis. His surgery wasn't until Thursday morning which went very well. I have to apologize to him. About two months ago he complained of a pain in his right side and we kept making fun of him because he thought it was appendicitis.....we all said "yeah right, if it was you would REALLY feel it." The pain went away...later finding out that your appendix can flare up and then "heal" itself. Well the pain came back Monday night and by Wednesday night he decided to see the doctor who admitted him to the E.R. What did we learn? Appendicitis doesn't always follow the typical symptoms....Bryan didn't have a fever, vomiting, excruciating pain - he was even offered pain meds at the hospital which he turned down because it wasn't bothering him that bad - and the flare up can actually go away. Please take any abdominal pain never know what it could be.

Now...on to the fiestyness.....Yes, my husband has a hatred for hospitals (or anything medical). I don't blame him for all the things he's been through in them.

So after he was given the anesthesia and the staff was trying to intubate him, he decided to fight....yes....AFTER he was out!!! Then he decided to help the surgeon out by being fiesty again DURING the surgery!!! Needless to say the nurses gave him that label...I'm sure they said some other things too.

Now Bryan is resting and sleeping a lot. Good for him too...he needs it. Noah has been wanting to see dad's owies over and over. We just want to thank everyone for their concern and help. We had numerous people offer to help with the kids, people came by to make sure he was ok, and many phone calls offering their prayers. Thank you.


Brueggemans said...

Glad to hear everything went well. If you had been my pt Brian, I would have tamed that fiestiness with a well deserved's orders!! j/k :-)

Parley and Katie Call said...

I'm glad it all turned out ok...even though he was fiesty! :)I can't believe that.