Monday, December 8, 2008

One more thing I am grateful for....

This is Bryan's breathing machine!
How would you like to roll over at night and see that on your husband's face???
But, it sure is the sweetest when it's totally silent while you're sleeping.
Bryan has severe sleep apnea which has been a difficulty for all of us. Poor guy doesn't get any sleep at night and I can't sleep because of the loud snoring. If I so happen to wake up in the middle of the night and he's snoring, good luck getting back to sleep.
since that mask has come into our lives we are soooo much happier. If anyone out there has a spouse or you yourself might suffer from this problem, it's actually pretty common, PLEASE go take care of it. Go see your doctor, it's very very very unhealthy to sleep like that!!!
You'll be amazed at the difference!


Brueggemans said...

LOVE IT!! That is so awesome. I'm glad you both are getting some sleep now. Hooray for modern medicine - even if it's not glamorous.

Lauren and Nate said...

Poor Bryan! That can't be comfortable. But yay for getting some sleep!