Monday, November 26, 2007

Audrey's Big Day

Audrey was blessed this weekend. The dress she is wearing was made by her Great Grandma Landon. Isn't it beautiful? I think she looks just like a little doll.


Summers Family said...

She looks beautiful Hollli. What a wonderful day. Thankyou for including us in it!

sandijo said...

There's nothing like having your own child and having her (or him) blessed through the Holy Priesthood. You are so blessed to have such a sweet little daughter. You are great parents. You both make your own parents remember just how blessed we are because of you. Love you all so much. Audrey is an absolute precious bundle of joy!!

Heather said...

I'm so sorry we missed the blessing. We've all been so sick. Got a high temperature Sunday, and the Dr.'s diagnoses: Sinus Infection. Not surprised, David & the boys both had it last week.

The dress is adorable. What a special day, blessing your little girl...thats so awesome!

I often forget to check up on you guys because we're not linked. So I'm listing you as a link. k