Sunday, April 5, 2009

Half Marathon

Finally after training for about three half marathons....I finally completed one last month!!!!
The week of the half marathon I wanted to do an easy run and then I got it into my crazy mind that I wanted to push myself really hard and run some sprints!! I mean, come on....they run sprints on the Biggest Loser all the time!! BAD IDEA!!! Four days before the race, yes, I know, many of you are saying....what are you thinking doing something like that so close to race day....I hear you Amber!!!! Well, I did...four days before race day I did some sprints on the treadmill, at least it's a little easier on my body...and when I got off my foot was a little sore. It didn't get any I thought, I can't let all this training and preparation go down the tubes AGAIN!!! Open the bottle of ALEVE!!!!
That became my new best friend for the next couple days.
Morning of the race:
Feeling pretty good...hopped up on some pain meds
As the race is nearing the start Bryan says "I gotta go to the bathroom." I then ask him "How are you going to do that with the kids in the double jogger???"
We obviously had two different plans in our minds....He thought he might be able to go before the race started....countdown....4 minutes till start!!!
I looked over at a massive line for the porta potties...So I respond..."Well, get in line now..."
Bryan's standing in line and I'm waiting by the kids watching everyone else in the race begin to gather at the start line..."I sure hope he hurries," I tell myself.
Countdown to the start begins and I'm wondering....where's Bryan?
I decide to head up to the start, just in case I missed him coming out of the bathroom. I'm panicking....the gun goes off....there goes my race.....see ya fellow runners.....have a nice race.....maybe I'll just stand here and cheer them all on. I hear my name!!! Bryan appears out of the crowd.....see ya hunny....see ya kids..... and off I go, over three minutes late!!!
Coming down the dirt hill, twenty feet to go!!!!
Oh yeah....remember my foot issue???? No problems until mile 8...then I started feeling the pain!
My foot problem now????? FINALLY, it's feeling better. For about a month after that race I couldn't even think about running.
Moral of the story??? I'm not on The Biggest Loser!!
Oh, and that view behind me??? That's what I got to look at while I ran! Beautiful!!!


Parley and Katie Call said...

Yay! I'm very impressed.

Perry Bunch said...

That is awsome! Way to go!! I heard that is fun race. What was your time on a bad foot? So when is your next race?

Brueggemans said...

AWESOME!! I'm so glad you can hear me in your head! :-) You did great, and the scenery - gorgeous. And next time when you're leaving the house and making sure the kids have all used the bathroom...better ask hubby too.

kAt said...

Good for you. I don't think I could ever do that, unless I was in really good shape. Which I am working on. Keep it up.