Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, the men in my life have a lot of things in common...especially NASCAR! Noah has learned early to enjoy watching cars turn left...and left...and left....and left....REALLY FAST!!! Noah will even ride his little bike around the house and I have to say "Gentlemen, Start your engines!!" Then I have to sing the National Anthem, hand him his helmet, gas up his car, check the tires and fix the battery!!! This kid is ready to work in the pits!!!
Noah and Bryan doing a thumbs up for Jimmie Johnson!!!

Even though Kyle Busch won (the absolute LAST person Bryan wants to see win) they still had a really good time!


Woodards said...

Had a great time at the Twilight get together!!! Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Heather said...

So...Sportsmans Warehouse is going out of business and they are all out of those headband earplugs, I'm so bummed! NASCAR was tons of fun and we're glad we saw them there.

Go Mark Martin!:)
Boo Kyle Bush!:(