Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MISSING CHECK - $122,723.00

Has anyone seen my check written out for
I know I put it somewhere. I must have set it down while I was in the middle of doing dishes, wiping a snotty nose, cleaning the floor, changing a diaper, mowing the yard, kissing a boo boo, paying the bills, making dinner, doing the laundry, feeding the dog, bathing the kids, reading a story, mopping the floor, brushing some teeth, grocery shopping, or running the kids to the doctor.
Where is that darn thing????????

(As reported on the news, this is the amount a stay at home mom would make. For those working mothers out need to be adding about $73,000 to your income!!!!)

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Perry Bunch said...

Some how I lost my check too. OH I hate when that happens. That would be nice. I would just take half and be happy! :) It was good talking to you. Hopefully we can do that again soon.