Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Poor Jay Leno

"Exhaustion," he said Friday, shaking his head. He added jokingly, "That's like a rich person's condition. Poor people that work – they don't get exhausted. Only rich people get exhausted. It's an embarrassing thing." (PEOPLE)
How sad....I feel so terribly for the poor (or should I say RICH) guy. He's just been working too hard. He needs a break!
Would someone please tell that to the mother who has stayed up all night with a sick child and then has to continue her regular schedule with her other 3 children the next day, oh, and continue to nurse that sick child back to health....or the mother to a newborn who hasn't slept a full night in 4 months?????
How about the father who is working 2 or 3 jobs just to keep food on the table for his family and clothes on his children's back???
But I guess us poor people will never understand that.